Keeping Your Pet Cool During Summer

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Small Dog OutdoorsThe summer months can be dangerous for pets, especially older dogs or dogs with heart conditions or other health issues. When you take your pet outdoors for some sun and fresh air, it’s important to make sure they stay cool and comfortable. Use the following tips to prevent heat-related problems in pets, such as heat stroke. 

Stay in the Shade

Remember that your dogs have a fur coat on their body. Being out in the sun can be more uncomfortable for them than it is for you, so make sure you find a shady spot for them. Being in the shade can help them stay cooler while also lowering the risk of a sunburn. Dogs with lighter or thinner coats have a higher risk of sunburn, but all dogs can get sunburned on exposed areas, such as their nose. 

Provide Fresh, Cool Water

When you’re outside with your pets this summer, always have fresh, cool water available for them. Drinking water can help keep their body temperature in a healthy range and prevent dehydration. Carry water with you in a water bottle, along with a bowl or dish, and fill it up for your dog while you’re out there.  

Limit Outdoor Time

Although pets enjoy being outside, it’s important to limit their time outdoors during heat waves. Active dogs can easily overdo it while they’re running around outside, while older dogs or dogs with health problems can be affected by extreme heat in a short amount of time. Only stay outside for short periods of time when it’s very hot, and avoid going out if possible during the hottest part of the day. If you need to walk your dog, do so earlier in the morning and later in the evening.

Offer a Cool Spot Indoors

When you’re indoors, make sure your pets have a cool place to rest or sleep. Ideally, this should be in an air-conditioned room or at least a room with a ceiling fan. Keep pet beds away from sunny windows.

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