Tips for Removing a Carpet Stain

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75 Tresser BedroomWhen something is spilled on your carpet, you want to work to remove it as quickly as possible. This helps to prevent certain stains from setting in, making them harder or even impossible to remove. Knowing how to remove a stain from your carpet is important. Here are a few different ways you can work to remove something that has been spilled on your carpet. 

Dish Soap and Water

If you have spilled something on your carpet that is greasy, one of the best ways to work to remove the spill is with dish soap and water. Mix a couple of drops of a grease-fighting liquid dish soap with warm water and then blot at the stain. Always blot when cleaning a carpet; never rub as this can spread the stain and ruin the fibers of the carpet. Continue spraying and blotting until the stain lifts. 

Ammonia and Water

If you have spilled something dark on your carpet, such as red wine, juice, chocolate or tea, an equal mix of ammonia and water may help remove the stain. Always test the mixture in a hidden corner of your carpet before attempting to lift the stain, as ammonia can cause certain dyes to bleed. After testing your carpet, spray the area with the ammonia and water mixture and blot at the carpet until the stain lifts. 

Vinegar and Water

For any other carpet stain, try a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar. If the stain has already set, throw a teaspoon or two of baking soda into the mixture for added cleaning powder. Spray the stain, allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes before attempting to blot the stain away with a clean, dry cloth. 

It is always best to remove spills as quickly as possible. This helps to prevent them from setting, which can impact the condition of the carpet in your apartment home. Properly cleaning the carpet helps to prevent stains and helps to ensure a spotless appearance. If you are looking to move and are searching for apartments in Stamford, be sure to visit 75 Tresser. Call us today to schedule a tour or inquire about availability. 

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