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Chips and SalsaFootball season is finally here! If you are hosting a football party, you may want to put out a variety of finger foods for your guests to enjoy. Fortunately, there are many traditional football snacks that can be eaten with your fingers. Here are a few of the top football finger foods to serve at your next football get-together. 

Chicken Wings or Fingers

If you are hosting a football party, chicken wings or chicken fingers are classic football finger foods. You can either leave the chicken fingers plain for children or dress up the wings in a hot sauce for your fiery football fanatic friends. Try different sauces throughout the season to keep things interesting. 

Chips, Salsa and Dips

Another great finger food to serve at your football party is chips and salsa. Layered bean dips are also popular for football games, as is homemade salsa. Ask your guests to bring their favorite chips and dip and have fun sampling the different options that your guests bring. 

Potato Skins

Potatoes are an inexpensive way to fill up your guests. For a football game, potato skins are the perfect finger food. Dress up your potato skins with cheese, bacon or any of your other favorite potato toppings to ensure your skins are tasty and satisfying.  

Jalapeño Poppers

The last finger food that you may want to consider serving at your football party is jalapeño poppers, which can be made in a variety of different ways. You can bake or fry them. You can stuff them with different types of cheese or fill them with different ingredients to change up the flavor. 

Having the right food is only one part of hosting a great football party. The other part is having space to host your guests. If your current space is tight on space or cluttered, you may be looking for something that is spacious or has a better flow for hosting guests. When you're on the hunt for an apartment in Stamford, CT, 75 Tresser has you covered. Call our office today to learn more about our layouts and to inquire about availability. 

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