How to Host an Amazing Movie Marathon Party

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Watching a MovieForget hitting the town; sometimes, the most enjoyable evenings are spent in the comfort of your Stamford apartment. If you want to socialize but don’t want to leave home, consider hosting a movie marathon party. This is more than sitting on the couch and watching a few films together; costumes, snacks and games can ensure a memorable experience.

4 Keys to Hosting the Best Movie Marathon

  • Select a movie series or theme that all of your friends love. If one of your friends doesn’t particularly appreciate the type of movies you intend to watch, how can you expect that person to enjoy him or herself through four or more hours of movies? Chat with expected attendees to determine which option will appeal to most people. You don’t necessarily have to watch a trilogy; you could dedicate your evening to a certain director or time period, for example.
  • Wear costumes, or at least shirts, relating to your theme of choice. Why limit dressing up as movie characters for Halloween or opening night? Encourage your friends to get creative for your party. Ideally, their outfits will be comfortable enough to allow them to relax with multiple movies. Movie-themed tees or pajamas are also acceptable.
  • Serve themed snacks and drinks. Themed treats can completely transform your gathering. Be creative; if you host a “Back to the Future” party, make your own red and green pizza, or serve your version of “Pepsi Perfect.” A “Jurassic Park” gathering could include dinosaur deviled eggs or ginger ice cream.
  • Break it up. Even the best movie series can get old after a while. Plan games or other activities to keep your guests energized. A themed board game or card game could do the trick. Otherwise, movie-inspired charades are sure to please.

A themed movie marathon could be the perfect tool to strengthen bonds with your loved ones without spending a fortune. A few good movie marathons, and you’ll quickly find that you and your besties look forward to this cherished tradition.

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