New Takes on Old Holiday Decorations

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Holiday decor ideas
Are you looking for some fresh, modern ideas for holiday decorations? Tired of the same color schemes and looking for a new start? Here are a few ideas to change things up when decorating for the holidays.

New Takes on Old Holiday Decorations

Go for neutral tones

Bright, white and light create soft, glowing and dreamy moods for the holiday! Combine amber holiday lights with champagne, gold and silver decorations to make a festive and inviting space to celebrate in style.

Add some rustic touches

Drape some fake or living evergreen branches over your fireplace mantel, window sills, and doorways! Garnish those natural wreaths with bright red berries and hang them on your front door to greet your guests. Throw a sheepskin on your couch or drape over an armchair. Decorations with wooden accents will also really tie in that rustic feel together.

Go vintage

Find unique vintage items at thrift stores and antique shops, are great to use as holiday decorations! Nostalgia is the perfect inspiration during this holiday season.  

Mix and match plaid

Wrap that tree with a plaid garland and keep the ornaments solid! Mix and match plaid wrapping paper for gifts with solid ribbons, and vice versa. 

Light the night with Christmas lanterns

Find glass lanterns of varying sizes and colors and place them together in cozy corners, on top of mantels, outside your door or even on your fireplace! Enjoy their warm glow and charm as you snuggle up and sip on your cocoa. 

Add festive pillows and throws to your couch and armchairs

It's an easy and fun way to add a quick pop of color to your living room. Make your own or have fun picking out pillows in a store or online.

Go with the flow

Hang different types of ribbons, trim, rickrack, lace and other fun strings from the top of the tree and let them cascade down to the bottom! Go for one color scheme or pick a variety of bright colors.

Put your tree in a basket

If your tree skirt doesn't match your new Christmas color scheme, or if you just want to avoid a tree skirt altogether, why not put your tree in a basket? You can still use a tree stand, and the basket will be available for use after the holidays! Woven baskets provide a beautiful natural texture for a fresh holiday look.

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