How to Make Guests Feel at Home During Holiday Gatherings

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Hosting a holiday party
Whether you are hosting friends and family overnight or just inviting people over for a few hours, it's important that your guests have a memorable experience at your home! Here are a few ways to let them know that mi casa es su casa.

Tips for Making Guests Feel Comfortable and Welcome

Clean up beforehand 

When you clean and declutter your space, your guests know that you took the time to prepare for their arrival. Also, a clean home just feels more welcoming.

Put away breakables 

If you are worried about guests bumping into your favorite delicate items, go ahead and put them away. Your guests will feel more relaxed knowing they don't have to worry about breaking anything.

Prepare for allergies 

If you know that your guests have any allergies, try your best to accommodate them. Creating a variety of thoughtful gluten-free and alternative dairy choices will avoid any uncomfortable situations in which they might have to say "No" to well-intentioned food and drinks.

Put out fresh towels 

No one likes to rub their hands on a smelly and soggy towel. Put out several towels in a basket so guests can always have a fresh set of towels for wiping their hands.

Make a space for guests to remove shoes and coats

Offer to take their coats and hang them as soon as they come in the door, or have a clothing rack available for them to hang themselves. Place a chair or stool in the entryway for sitting down and removing shoes. 

Offer a drink right away

Before giving a tour or getting started on an activity, ask your guests what they would like to drink. Have plenty of options, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic, on hand.

Set up a bar for drinks or food 

Many guests find it awkward to have to ask whether they can have simple things like food and drinks. When you make a designated space for refreshments, they don't have to feel guilty for helping themselves! 

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