4 Ways to Battle the Winter Blues

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Winter blues
When winter strikes our Stamford, Connecticut, apartments, we know what it can feel like to deal with those cold-weather blues. Before you find yourself battling a case of the "blahs," heed these tips that'll take you into the spring season with a spring in your step!

Schedule Weekly Friend Visits

Put your best friend on rotation every 7 days. If you're not up for seeing the same person 4 times a month, rotate your calendar among your closest friends so you can share good times with all the people you hold dear.

It's important to have human contact with people who don't live in your immediate household when the winter blues start to settle in.

Explore New Places

Once a week, decide on an adventure to a place you've never been! Maybe you could try a new coffee shop, or you could finally stop in at that Haitian food spot you've driven by for months. This might be the perfect time to also try out that wine-and-art class you've been putting off. Considering trying pottery or taking a yoga class? This is the perfect time of year to get out and explore the things your community has to offer!

No matter what you choose to do, take the time out to find new-to-you places. Changing things up will make winter less mundane and take away that sluggish feeling from being indoors.

Eat Well

Putting bad-for-you foods into your body can actually impact your mental health, too. Instead of fried chicken, opt for the grilled version. Rather than eating an ultra-helping of French fries, substitute a few slices of fresh apple. It's important to get healthy servings of fruits and veggies when the days are shorter to ensure your body can be balanced each day.

See the Sun

During bleak mid-winter days, the sun can be an uncommon occurrence, so you should take advantage of it when it does make an appearance. Walk around a local park if you have the day off, or simply take a stroll around the parking lot on your lunch break. Exposing yourself to the sun can elevate your mood and help put your mind in a sunnier place.

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