5 Classic Romantic Movies to Watch With Your Valentine

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Snuggle into your Stamford apartments for the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever! These five romantic movies are perfect for lovers of any age and stage of their relationship.

Pride & Prejudice

There are lots of versions of this classic romantic story written by Jane Austen. The 2005 movie version with Keira Knightley, as Elizabeth Bennette, and Matthew Macfadyen, as Mr. Darcey, is a beautiful interpretation of the novel and has the perfect romantic elements to make your night classy and cuddly.


The 1954 version with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, is the original telling of a stunning young woman, Sabrina, who falls in love with a wealthy playboy, David. The twist in this must-see romance? You'll just have to watch it and find out! 


Line it up for Valentine’s Day because there’s no better love story than one in which the two lovers are forbidden to be together by everyone they know. Don't let the tragic ending get you down. Rose's love for Jack is eternal!

The Gift of the Magi

You may have read this classic literary short story by O. Henry in high school. But the cinematic version is such a beautiful enactment of this true love story that you’ll want to watch it over and over. It's like a star-crossed lovers movie, except it's more like "gift-crossed."

Romancing the Stone

In this romantic movie perfect for Valentine’s Day, Kathleen Turner travels to Colombia in an effort to save her sister from the hands of the cartel. She encounters the devilishly handsome Michael Douglas, who is intrigued with the possibility of finding a valuable gem.

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