How to Eat Healthier One Meal at a Time

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Attempting to radically change your diet is hard to sustain and even achieving the change you want in your life doesn’t happen in a matter of weeks. Shaking up your diet means starting with smaller changes that you can actually live with rather than depriving yourself of everything you want. If you live in Stamford apartments, see how to make your life a little better one meal at a time.

Add It In

Sometimes, it’s easier to consider addition than subtraction when it comes to eating. So instead of telling yourself that you can’t have that dessert after dinner, try telling yourself that you can have soup or salad before dinner. All the liquid from the soup is likely to fill you up, which means you won’t have as much real estate in your stomach for that extra helping of dinner.

If you choose to have a salad before dinner, then you’re getting an extra serving of vegetables in your life. Hopefully, you’re also leaving less room in your stomach for all the extra calories you don’t need either.

Cut It Out

Eventually, you’ll need to start subtracting some of the foods you love. This doesn’t mean you can’t indulge, but it does mean that you can’t have pizza three times in two days. Try rethinking your meals rather than replacing them. For example, if you love french fries, then start baking potato wedges in the oven with the skin on. You can still have them with ketchup and salt, but this way you’re cutting down on the calories and adding in some fiber. There are plenty of ways you can substitute your favorites with something slightly healthier and you can brush up on those cooking skills at home!

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