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Were you swept up in the Pokemon card or Beanie Baby collecting craze? Have you recently been spring cleaning and stumbled upon your old stash? If so, check out this mini-guide to determine whether you should toss or keep these collectibles. 

Pokemon Cards

If you started collecting Pokemon cards when they first became available in the United States, you could actually own some valuable cards. The most sought-after cards are first edition holographics from the base set in excellent condition and that have been kept in a protective sleeve or case. Having a card graded by a professional will also up its value significantly. 

Beanie Babies

The most sought-after Beanies have what are known as first-, second-, and sometimes third-generation swing tags. Beanies with damaged or missing tags are worth substantially less than their pristine counterparts. For more information on determining what generation your swing tag is, consult one of the many Facebook pages or websites devoted to these stuffed animals. 

Fourth generation tags were the first to have a large yellow star on the front and to contain a poem and a birthdate for the stuffed animal. Beanies with fourth generation and newer tags are generally worth only a few dollars each. 

How to Determine Value

One of the best ways to determine the value of a particular Pokemon card or a Beanie Baby is to do a search on eBay of similar items that have actually sold. Don't try to gauge an item's value by searching live auctions, as sellers often list items at unrealistic prices. For example, there are often Princess Beanie Babies listed for sale for $2,000 or more. That does not mean that sellers will ever get that price for their Beanies. It's also important to keep in mind that some sold listings are the work of scam artists who are trying to artificially inflate prices by staging fake auctions. 

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