Winter Jogging Safety Tips

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Keeping up your jogging throughout the winter to stay fit is a great idea, but you need to stay safe. Keep these tips in mind when you head out.

Don't Skip Your Warmup

Winter weather makes it much easier to pull a muscle. If you do a warmup routine, do it thoroughly and consider extending it. If you don't normally warm up other than your jogging, start slow and steady. Don't do any kind of sprints or hard runs until your heart rate is up and your legs are warm.

Stay Hydrated

You feel less thirsty during the winter, but that doesn't mean you don't need to drink. Keep up your normal hydration during the day, and always carry a bottle of water or sports drink with you. Your body will still produce sweat and use up electrolytes even when it's freezing out, so try to drink nearly as much as you would when the weather is warmer.

Stay Inside After Snow

After a snowstorm, there will be hidden slush puddles and layers of ice for several days. This is true even if your neighbors are good about shoveling. To avoid a nasty fall, stay in the gym and hit the treadmill until the weather warms up enough to thaw things out.

Dress Properly

The most important thing to do is wear a good hat since you lose most of your heat that way. Even when you're jogging, the heat lost through your uncovered head can drop your core temperature down to dangerous levels. Also, be sure to wear gloves to protect your fingers from frostbite and to make sure your hands are warm enough to do things like use your phone to make an emergency call.

Layer appropriately to both where you are and what type of running you expect to do. If you're going to a track to run sprints, you can dress down since you can easily put your warmups back on. If you'll be running long distances, don't underdress to the point where you'd freeze if you got hurt and had to walk home.

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