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Fun Football Finger Foods

Football season is finally here! If you are hosting a football party, you may want to put out a variety of finger foods for your guests to enjoy. Fortunately, there are many traditional football snacks that can be eaten with your fingers. Here are a few of the top football finger foods to serve at…

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Creative Interiors: Unleash Your Inner Artist

Create stylish new accessories and artwork for your apartment by borrowing from your hobbies, your travels, and your family history to add individuality to your decor. Not only will it make you feel "at home," but it can be a great way to repurpose castoffs and preserve memories. While the interiors of our modern apartments in Stamford may be beautiful…

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Peach Freezer Jam Recipe

Fresh peaches hit the Connecticut farmers markets and produce isles in July and August, which are also peach-picking months. While the season is short, residents of our Stamford apartments can enjoy this mouthwatering freezer jam all year long. The following recipe is sure to impress your pickiest eater–and it's so easy, anyone can go from start to finish…

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Tips for Hosting Weekend Brunch

The best brunches have three key elements: good conversation, great food, and new breakfast ideas to bring home and try. The essence of all three is how you draw the elements of a brunch together and provide something to intrigue each guest. The Table is the Theme A few hints about the food to be…

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Rainy Day Activities

Even during summer, there are those occasional rainy days. And even though we need it to rain, it can be frustrating when you're stuck inside all day without something to keep you occupied. When you know rain is in the forecast, get creative and come up with some activities that will keep you busy for…

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Finally, we’re bidding the cold winter goodbye. Say hello to the glorious spring season weather. With warm days ahead, it’s time you started stocking up on the tasty craft beers that highlight the colorful hues and the fruity, refreshing flavors of spring. National Beer Day is on April 7. Apparently, regarding creating new beer styles…

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