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Keep or Toss?

Were you swept up in the Pokemon card or Beanie Baby collecting craze? Have you recently been spring cleaning and stumbled upon your old stash? If so, check out this mini-guide to determine whether you should toss or keep these collectibles.  Pokemon Cards If you started collecting Pokemon cards when they first became available in…

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Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

When you live in an apartment, knowing what cleaning products to use can help you keep your place sparkling clean. There may be certain cleaners that you aren't allowed to use, and you will want to be mindful of any products that are abrasive or staining. You don't want to create more of a mess…

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Tips for Removing a Carpet Stain

When something is spilled on your carpet, you want to work to remove it as quickly as possible. This helps to prevent certain stains from setting in, making them harder or even impossible to remove. Knowing how to remove a stain from your carpet is important. Here are a few different ways you can work to…

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4 Tips to Keep Your Stainless Steel Appliances Spotless

Residents who live in our modern apartment homes get to enjoy designer kitchens with stainless steel appliances. Stainless steel is known for resisting scratches and stains and will keep its matchless beauty for years of service. To keep your stainless steel appliances spotless, here are four tips for cleaning and maintenance. Stainless Steel Cleaning Tips Only…

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Many apartment communities across the country are choosing to furnish their apartments with wood-inspired flooring instead of carpeting or tiles. If you are planning on moving into one of our apartments in Stamford that are furnished with beautiful wood-inspired flooring, it is important that you learn the proper way to clean them. CLEANING TIPS FOR…

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